Our Story

1922. Surrounded by the cultural and artistic vibrancy of the Roaring Twenties, a genius Parisian apothecary created an elixir containing essential and plant oils which quickly became the beauty secret beloved by Parisian women.

Huile Absolue was born.

At the begining of the XXIst st century, the formula for Huile Absolue was rediscovered, giving rise to the PATYKA brand which was named after the Ancient Greek “apothḗkē”, in memory to the apothecary of the Twenties.

Since then, PATYKA has grown its legacy and developed unique expertise in green chemistry and biotechnology

In 2002, PATYKA became the first cosmetics brand in the world to be awarded Ecocert organic certification with its unique vision of beauty, where effectiveness, ethics and excellence are all interlinked.

PATYKA was and is a pioneer, creating the first skincare products which are both premium and certified as organic.

These exceptional products with their unique, sensory scents and textures are elegant and refined, bringing the luxury of a radiant, balanced complexion to those who use them.


Why should you be forced to choose between lovely, effective cosmetics and cosmetics which are kind to the skin and environment?

It is ridiculous to have to make such a choice

PATYKA is revolutionising cosmetics and creating a fresh vision of beauty where Effectiveness, Ethics and Excellence are all interlinked.


All PATYKA products are certified as organic

Certification is awarded by recognised independent body Ecocert. We do not test on animals and almost every product is 100% vegan, except the Sacred Lotus Face Cream and the Antioxidant Smoothing Cream Universal Texture, which contain beeswax.

This is because we believe that our priority should be to look after your health and the environment!

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PATYKA develops actives which are proven to be effective in its laboratory.

Our aim? To create formulations even more effective than those found in conventional cosmetics by exclusively using actives and manufacturing processes certified as organic.

This is because we know that cosmetics are only truly valid if they deliver on their promises!

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PATYKA originated in Paris and remains in Paris to this day with all products “Made in France”.

We work with the best producers to harvest botanical actives of the highest quality and with French artisans and manufacturers to develop the most enticing scents and most innovative packaging.

This is because we believe that exceptional products are created when excellence is the aim!

For us, natural is chic, effectiveness is glamorous
and cosmetics are organic!