Antioxidants can slow ageing!

It’s undeniable that products containing antioxidant actives have taken pride of place in our skincare collections over recent years because they help delay signs of ageing and keep our skin looking beautiful for longer.

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Iinterview with... Annabelle Belmondo

Annabelle Belmondo and PATYKA share the same vision of beauty, where ethics, effectiveness and excellence are inseparable. Watch the video!

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Dry skin : time to hydrate!

Suffering with tight, sensitive, dull or rigid skin? Face looking tired? Skin in urgent need of hydration and sending you an SOS?

Learn about dry skin’s specific needs, take in all the steps of a suitable beauty routine and discover the perfect PATYKA beauty prescription for hydrating your skin.

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Beauty secrets

Large pores: How to fight them?

Enlarged pores are a common beauty problem. Adopting a new beauty routine, natural and targeted, can, however, retrieve a beautiful and healthy skin.

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Body scrubs: time to exfoliate for softer skin

Body scrubs leave the skin softer and more beautiful: they should be part of any beauty routine!

Here are our tips for a proper, more effective body scrub.

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