All PATYKA skincare has Ecocert certification

PATYKA has chosen to have all its products certified by the independent, world-renowned body: Ecocert.

In order to be certified as organic by Ecocert, each product must meet a strict range of criteria drawn up by the body.

This is what differentiates cosmetics certified as organic and cosmetics labelled as “natural”, the latter not being subject to independent audit by a certifying body with often the only “green” aspect being the packaging!

We aim at creating skincare which is effective, lovely to use and certified as organic. All our formulations are developed by our Laboratory and are the fruit of much research around ingredients, texture and scent.

PATYKA’s commitment

Damask Rose

grown on the Ghamsar Plains in Iran

In Patyka's skincare
you will find

Botanical actives:

which are organically produced plants
As nature is the finest source of inspiration, PATYKA is always on the lookout for rare plants and those with exceptional properties. We travel the world to find them and work in partnership with agricultural co-operatives to ensure that production is of the highest quality.

We use natural preservatives
(essential oils, radish or basil extract, etc.)

Our scents are completely natural.

Biotechnological actives:

which are molecules with particular benefits for the skin, including anti-ageing properties.

The challenge is then to develop manufacturing processes certified as organic, meaning they must involve organic extraction techniques using living microorganisms (such as bacteria and yeast) rather than conventional techniques involving chemical solvents.

Pure plant hyaluronic acid

obtained by fermenting wheat with a lactic acid bacteria

In PATYKA products
you will never find

  • Chemical ingredients which can harm health:
    Silicones, parabens, polymers, phthalates, PEGs, fatty alcohols and solvents, mineral oils and waxes, etc.
  • Animal-derived ingredients*
  • Plant ingredients grown using pesticides
  • Synthetic additives, scents, preservatives and colourants

*With the exception of Sacred Lotus Face Cream and Antioxidant Smoothing Cream which contain beeswax

Proven to be effective

Our formulations
have been scientifically
proven to be effective
by an independent

Organic cosmetics are more effective than conventional cosmetics

Because they contain better quality and more active ingredients

In a formulation certified as organic, all ingredients benefit the skin in some way: emulsifiers are oils and vegetable waxes; natural scents come from essential oils with therapeutic properties for the skin.

Because natural ingredients are better assimilated by the skin

thanks to the biological similarities between the epidermis and plants.

Going beyond organic: PATYKA’s further commitments

Made in France

All PATYKA products are fully manufactured in France, including packaging. This was our own decision and guarantees quality and traceability. We work with a range of partners carefully selected for their expertise in different areas: artisans, manufacturers, glass blowers, bottle makers, printers, etc. Only botanical actives not grown in France are sought abroad.

Leaping Bunny

No PATYKA product or ingredient is tested on animals.


PATYKA products are completely vegan, meaning they do not contain any animal-derived ingredient (milk, eggs, honey or other beehive products), with the exception of the Sacred Lotus Face Cream and Antioxidant Smoothing Cream Universal Texture which contain beeswax.

Manufacturing and packaging

The entire Patyka manufacturing process is certified as non-polluting,

thanks to extraction processes eco-friendly, a desinfection of the laboratory with environmentally harmless products.

All our packagings are certified to be without any hazardous or polluting

They are also recycled and recyclable. And because we like to go further, all our cases are biodegradable without any glue point and hand-folded.

For us, natural is chic, effectiveness is glamorous
and cosmetics are organic!